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30 April 2014

Packaging: pre-match analysis

As the internet was apparently built for cats, let me be the first to include one here. I consider her to be one of my environmental blind spots, but as she can't really be held responsible for her carbon impacts, I guess I should take charge. Once upon a time, cat food came in cans, and cats were grateful - well, sort of. Now cat food comes in individual plastic sleeves within cardboard boxes. This is not progress. Today I've been out and stocked-up with aluminium foil-packaged, or canned cat food, so hopefully that's a bit less for landfill. I've also been on a recce to the Farmers' Market in Corn Street to see where I can buy non vacuum-packed cheese. Sadly, Homewood no longer offer their lovely haloumi and feta-style cheeses off the block. In Bath they do, but in Bristol they don't. Surely Bristolians can't be scared of loose cheese? So if I want my haloumi in waxed paper, rather than vacuum sealed plastic, then I'm going to have to pre-order and have it especially reserved for me. Is that cheating or just great personal service?

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