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6 May 2016

Seasonal challenge: In store

I was going to write a nice post about the Farmers' Market and some new season vegetable treats, but pickings were slim there too, as well as on our allotment… So, instead, I thought about what we'd be eating now if we had to rely on traditional preserving methods. There is only so much pickled veg you can eat, so that probably means using dried. This is what we have in stock - dried peas & beans, and the last of our hazelnut crop. The volume of hazels which we get off our one tree, and after the squirrels have had their "share", is usually enough for one celebratory New Year's nut roast - so growing enough to be self-sufficient, seems impractical. Peas & beans however, can be quite prolific and if they're good climbers, then they take up relatively little ground space. Peas as a crop go back to the Neolithic, and dried peas made up a substantial bulk of the poor person's Medieval winter diet in the form of a soup/stew. We make them into falafel - which in honour of the pea, we call "piffle".
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