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7 May 2016

Seasonal challenge: Last post

I've been looking at the best websites for seasonal advice, and had really been favouring Eat Seasonably. It's colourful, easy to use and accessible, but it's limited in its range of fruit & veg and I'm not entirely convinced about its accuracy - Cucumbers in May? Really?! Instead, I think Eat the seasons and the BBC Food site may be good places to start. Both show you what's in season NOW, and what's going in & out of season, and offer recipe suggestions. · · · My last reflection is a positive one. Having not seen much great seasonality celebration during the week, I went for the first time to the Tobacco Factory's street food market, held on a Friday evening. It was packed with families with young kids being entertained in the TF yard, or sitting out & eating at the picnic benches provided. One stall stood out for me. It was selling wild garlic pakora & roasted pepper & kale pakora - how Southville is that? We bought one of each and headed for a walk along the Avon tow path and then up through Rownham Hill to the bench at the top, where we sat and ate our wild garlic pakora, surrounded by blooming wild garlic.
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