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3 May 2014

Rubbish challenge day 3: some hits and misses

I'm lucky in that I live near to North Street in Bedminster/Southville - one of few remaining thriving high streets in our city. The Southville Deli and the Ashton Fruit Shop sell a lot of stuff loose - so it's down to me to remember to take my plastic bags back to refill them. I have felt a bit self-conscious about doing this in the past, producing crumpled bags from various pockets about my person, but today I have a good excuse. So I bought muesli, potatoes and tomatoes in pre-enjoyed bags. But new for this week, I had my coffee ground for me, and put into a paper bag (smells absolutely wonderful). And I bought loose leaf tea. The "misses" are the crisps (no way around this as far as I can see, unless you make your own), the cling-film wrapped cheese (see previous post), and the plastic-wrapped cucumber (why do they do that?!) The only things to go to landfill in the past 3 days have been the waxed paper from a marg tub which I'm pretty sure will rot-down, and some of the offending cheese-wrap. So really small lifestyle changes do seem to be slimming the bin.
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