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Jane Stevenson

Jane Stevenson

Allotmenteer and obsessive bean grower, Director of Bristol Food Network CIC and part-time environmentalist.


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13 May 2014

Rubbish challenge: post-match analysis

This is my kitchen bin for the 11-day duration. And no, I don't shop in Tescos - I just find their bags to be a suitable place for putting my rubbish... The bin is a bit slimmer than usual, but there are still a couple of things that slipped through - a vacuum-packed cheese wrapper and a non-recyclable plastic chocolate tray. Also, someone caved-in to the cat and cracked-open a few plastic pouches. This is a valuable lesson for future challenges - you need buy-in from everyone in the house in order to succeed, and I'm not talking about the household pets... So, what's changed? I've remembered 3 times to take veg bags back to the greengrocers, I'm going to carry on getting my coffee ground to order (and sold to me in a paper bag), and I'll probably stick with looseleaf tea if I can find some which avoids the inner foil packaging. I think I've probably managed to instill the beginnings of some better habits over the course of 11 days of actively thinking about unnecessary food packaging, so I'm hopeful that this is something I'll continue to think about when I'm shopping.
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